Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is rooted in our city's systematic growth, improvement, rehabilitation, safety, health, general welfare, planning, and economic development. Code Enforcement’s goal is to establish and maintain a standard of quality of life for all citizens by providing quality inspections and bringing about improvements and rehabilitation to the City of Manvel’s neighborhoods and communities. Officers enforce codes and regulations as laid out by the City of Manvel’s Code of Ordinances

Report a Concern

Help keep our City safe and healthy by reporting a code violation. Some common code violations include:

Other violations can be found and reported on our Report a Concern page.

Violations Handled by Other Departments

Code Enforcement works closely with other departments to ensure the community's safety. These issues do not fall under the purview of Code Enforcement but can be addressed by another department.  

Manvel Police Department

Common violations handled by the Police Department:

  • Noise Complaints (Must be reported during the disruption)
  • Vagrancy/Homeless Trespassing
  • Cars Parked on the Street

Visit the Police Department Page
Email the Police Department
Phone: 281-489-1212

Development Services  

Common violations handled by Development Services:

  • Work without Permits
  • Illegal Land Use
  • Too Many People Living in a Building
  • Garage Sales
  • Commercial Signage on Private Property
  • Buildings without Utility Services
  • Zoning Concerns, Questions, Issues

Visit the Development Services Page
Email Development Services
Phone: 281-489-0630

Public Works

Common issues handled by Public Works:

  • Damaged Streets/Sidewalks
  • Water main breaks

Visit the Public Works Page
Email Public Works
Phone: 832-336-4089