Teen Court

Join the Manvel Municipal Court's Teen Court program! The Teen Court program is designed to encourage teens to take an interest in law and criminal justice. The program is made possible by the Manvel Municipal Court, Manvel Police Department, and dedicated volunteer staff.

What is Teen Court?

Teen Court is a real justice program run by teens, for teens. Teen Court is a "peer court" for misdemeanor and traffic offenders. The collective goal of the Teen Court is to provide education, training, and experience to participants interested in pursuing a career in law or criminal justice. It also encouraged students to familiarize themselves with the jury and selection process.


  • Improve the overall understanding of the juvenile justice system.
  • Promote the application of appropriate sanctions in relation to juvenile offenses.
  • Reduce recidivism of juvenile offenders.
  • Spark an interest in the legal profession.

How it Works

Juvenile defendants plead guilty or no contest and choose to have their cases adjudicated via Teen Court. Teen volunteers will then work with real justice professionals to prosecute or defend the defendant. At the conclusion of the case, teen jurors are responsible for hearing the cases and deciding the punishment. 

The judges presiding over the court are official Municipal Court Judges. 

Defendants can be sentenced to serve jury terms as a form of punishment.


We invite you to come, learn, and be part of our Teen Court Program! Teen Court is a court for teens, by teens. The Teen Court hears real cases of juveniles who have received citations and determines the sentences of teen defendants. Participants must be enrolled in high school.

While volunteering with us, you will:  

  • Gain knowledge of the legal and judicial system.
  • Advance personal and professional skills.
  • Be a positive role model and good influence within your peer group.
  • Earn volunteer hours for graduation and gain field experience.
  • Teen Court looks great on college and scholarship applications, too!


Applications for Teen Court are currently closed. Keep an eye on our Facebook where we'll announce the next session!  

For more information on the Teen Court program, call 281-692-2702 or email brianna.bobb@cityofmanvel.com.