Councilmember Sarmiento

About Councilmember Sarmiento

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” 
- John Maxwell

These are the words Crystal De Leon Sarmiento lives by. The daughter of a Mexican immigrant, Crystal was raised believing that hard work lends itself to opportunity, and this country rewards those with the drive to pursue it.

Crystal is the founder of The ARI Source and author of Becoming a Lioness. She is a certified Business Behavior Analyst, Executive Business Coach, Leadership Coach, and an action-based inspirational speaker. Crystal has more than 13 years of experience with international organizations and ministries, and she was recently featured on Fox News, NBC, CBS, and Newsmax. She has also been a guest on various news stations and podcasts, where she discusses leadership principles.

At home, Crystal is a dedicated wife and mother of five. Her family relocated from their long-time home in Houston to the City of Manvel eight years ago, and since then, two of her children have graduated from Manvel High School. Crystal attributes her strong moral values to her father and mother, who she says have molded her into the woman of faith and principal she is today. Through her father, an immigrant from Mexico, Crystal was taught of America's beauty and the opportunities it provided to those with the strength to work for it. Rain or shine, heat or freeze, Crystal learned that a leader is one who works hard, doesn’t compromise his or her beliefs, and knows there is nothing gained without it first being earned.

Professionally, Crystal is a powerhouse in the corporate sector, where she has 23 years of experience helping companies improve performance and exceed expectations. Her book Becoming a Lioness was ranked #1 in Christian Leadership and made the best-sellers list, focusing on motivating, empowering, and inspiring women. Her work in The ARI Source is concentrated on the development and training of high-caliber leaders both at home and abroad. The ARI Source has seen great success in the corporate sector, where clients have credited record-breaking performance to the management services provided by the company. Crystal also offers a mentorship program that aims to teach local business owners how to be effective leaders at work, within the community, and at home.

Crystal believes that the foundation of leadership is rooted in servitude, beginning at home before transferring to communities. She hopes to serve the City of Manvel and its residents on this principle.