Funded Projects

Manvel Economic Development Project Listing


Project Amount

Project Description



Sanitary Sewer Force Main and Lift Station at Corporate Drive and Hwy 6 (First State Bank)



Utility Infrastructure Improvements on East Hwy 6 (City of Manvel)



Comprehensive Plan (City of Manvel)



School Road Water Plant Expansion and 16” Water Line Extension.  3,640 feet of pipe work added to the West 16-inch water main from McCoy @ Hwy 6 to 19405 Hwy 6.



Clean Water Fund 250,000 GPD Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Sanitary Sewer Extension. (City of Manvel)



Waterline Extension on FM-1128 from the EMS facility to the Kettle Korner Business (Kettle Korner)



Water Line Project – SH 6 Waterline (South Side) from McCoy approximately 2400 ft west.  Bore 8” water line under SH6 and connect to the existing 16” water line near Corporate Drive and loop into the Rogers Road West 8” waterline project at McCoy. (City of Manvel)



Wastewater Project –Approximately 700 ft of gravity sanitary sewer line including manholes, air release valves and corresponding appurtenances on SH6 (South Side) Corporate Drive approximately 700 ft West. (City of Manvel)



Installation of an 8” gravity sewer line approximately 2300 LF from Spillane Road at Large Road to the C1 Ditch, including manholes, and corresponding appurtenances and installation of a Sanitary Sewer Lift Station (City of Manvel)



Improvements at the School Road Water Plant and Corporate Drive Facility, to include installation of pumps and a ground storage tank.  (City of Manvel)



Installation of an 8” water line and Installation of an 8” gravity sewer line approximately 1400 LF from Masters to Pine, including manholes, and corresponding appurtenances for an extension of utilities on Rogers (Manvel Seafood)



Reimbursement to Bighorn BBQ to provide for regional detention buy-in, water and sewer impact fees, building permit and plan review fees



Little Rascals Child Care Center located at 19935 Highway 6, Manvel Tx., to provide for an extension of approximately 300 feet of Large Avenue and an extension to the 4” gravity sewer line on Large Avenue to the City Hall lift station along the back of the proposed property.



Providing matching financial assistance to existing businesses within a targeted commercial area to replace outdated pole signage with new modern signs that comply with current city code



Large Avenue Phase 3 Project,  to provide for an extension of approximately 2200 feet of Large Avenue and an extension of approximately 2000 feet of 8” sanitary sewer line. (City of Manvel)



Corey’s Kitchen Restaurant to provide for reimbursement of improvements and related fees.