Living In...

  1. Community Events

    Look ahead to upcoming community events of interest to residents and visitors.

  2. Community News

    Know what's going on in the community and plan accordingly.

  3. Community Voice

    Read the Community Voice to see what information may affect residents and visitors to the area.

  4. Emergency Management

    The purpose of Emergency Management is to save lives and prevent loss of property.

  5. Employment

    Check out the employment opportunities in and around Manvel, Texas.

  6. Houston Business Journal

    Find relevant news stories for the areas in and around Manvel, Texas.

  7. Manvel Public Library

    The Manvel Public Library is part of the Brazoria County Library System and serves the residents of Manvel with books, events, and youth services.

  8. Parks & Facilities

    See maps of the local parks in Manvel, Texas.

  9. Waste Management

    Find out how to sign up for garbage pick-up and see the collection schedule for the waste company.

  10. Education Resources

  11. Tx Dot