Manvel Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

Manvel is indeed a “CITY ON THE RISE”. Manvel leaders are developing a  wide range of possibilities to provide a sense of place, diversity,  character and lasting value to its citizenry. The community is working  together to make Manvel, Texas a special place to live, work and play.

The City of Manvel has adopted a comprehensive master plan.  The City of Manvel staff is being diligent to strategically position Manvel with the desired mix of residential and retail concerns for the sustainability of the community.

Situated within minutes of downtown Houston in northern Brazoria County, Manvel is in a dynamic growth area.  Manvel’s proximity to  Houston offers easy access to all parts of the Metroplex.

Are you looking for that ‘small town’ feel while still being close to  the services and amenities offered from Houston? Do you want your  children to grow up with a keen sense of value and pride? Where should  you move your budding business? Where can you find a rich community  thriving within a beautiful city? Look no further! Come to Manvel TX!

Demographics is the study of ever changing population  groups, and the  one found in the link below is a snapshot of the entire  population of  the City of Manvel. This picture says a lot about us at  this moment in  time, how old we are, how much we earn and a lot more  about us.

A  population group is never stable, it is a dynamic  thing and is always  changing as people enter or leave the group.  Decades of accumulated  demographic data give a very accurate history of  how a town changes and  grows over time.

Demographics are used by  both individuals and  businesses when deciding to build or buy in a particular area. Demographics help  the city plan for events, and is an important tool in deciding where and when to build new schools, grocery stores  or parks.

Below are links to demographic information pertaining to the City of Manvel and our surrounding area;

  1. Manvel Livability Statistics

Community Retail Dashboard - Demographic and Psychographic Mapping Data

  1. 2016 Community Workplace Population
  2. 2016 Projected Retail Trade Area Demographic Profile
  3. 2016 Projected Retail Trade Area Opportunity Analysis
  4. 2016 Retail Market Profile
  5. 2016 Retail Trade Area Psychographic Profile