Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for supervising accounting, purchasing, payroll, tax collection, water & wastewater billing, insurance and workers' compensation programs; and investments to assure maximum interest earnings. The City Manager appointed the Finance Director Chis Thomas in 2019 who City Council then confirmed.

Additional responsibilities for the Finance Department include (but are not limited to) Water & Wastewater Billings and Connections, Payables, Payroll, Purchase orders, Annual Budget, and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Utility Billing

Utility billing is responsible for entering the meter readings for each month of service and preparing monthly statements for the water and wastewater consumption of each connection. Learn more about the Utility Billing Department or pay your utility bill online.

Financial Transparency

The City of Manvel is committed to transparency with its residents and stakeholders. Our Finance Department ensures timely, meaningful, and reliable disclosures about the organization's financial performance which can be viewed by residents on our website. We are proud to serve our community and are dedicated to making sure we are spending fairly and responsibly on our residents' behalf. Learn more about the City's dedication to financial transparency.

Taxes and Budget Information 

The 2021 adopted tax rate is 0.570000 cents. View the tax rate ordinance.

Sales Tax per $1 taxable purchase:

State of Texas                                                                     $0.0625
City of Manvel                                                                    $0.0100
Brazoria County                                                                $0.0050
Manvel Economic Development Corporation     $0.0050

Total                                                                                       $0.0825

Customer Confidence Reports

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)  2017 (PDF)
Consumer Confidence Report  (CCR) 2016 (PDF)